Welcome to DOC TWO! I know that it has been some time since our last update!

In our previous DOC ONE, we shared the first of many mini teasers announcing the Old Chicago fanmade web series! And nothing gives me greater joy than showing off some parts of what the team has been hard at work creating for the last 7 months!

So, I have a little title teaser to share with you! Just in case you missed it!

If you are new to Old Chicago have no fear! As we get closer to release the team has put together a few videos that should help get you caught on who, where, and what to expect.


With the recap out of the way, we can get to the good stuff!

Guardians! We know how eager you all must be to peek behind the veil at what to expect from this titular fanmade web series. Old Chicago centres around the journey of three Guardians. Today I would like to introduce you to two of them, Shayura (Warlock) and Aisha (Hunter).

Whether you are a gamer, or a reader, Guardians should already be well acquainted with this fireteam via the numerous flavour texts which can be found throughout the world of Destiny.

The project has truly been an ambitious one. And as we enter, delve deeper into this ancient world, there is a lot for us to share with you moving forward to the release of our “official” teaser trailer and episode one.

Reed-7 many of you know of him, but none have seen him. That is unless you know of Carson Reed who of course inspired the development of this wise-cracking Exo, Titan. Above is a special tender prepared by Neenkin, our 3D lead, who has been working tirelessly to bring the third member of our fireteam to life.

And we think he did a pretty amazing job!

Surprises Never DIE!!!

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? I do too! That why we’d like to show you this beautiful watery GIF.
Many guardians may have glimpsed a peek in our latest DEVLOG 2 video, which we uploaded a couple of days ago.

But, so we don’t bore you! Be sure to watch the full video and get some insight into, what you can expect to see from us next on Old Chicago!

Thank you all, for your support, passion, and excitement as we prepare to tell this grand tale. Expect lots of twists, turns, and major reveals when the teaser releaser

But until then, remember! You can do all things!

“God speed!”