This week at the Wild Hunt Team offices, we talk about Old Chicago, the team and progress updates!

Hello and Welcome! To our first official DOC (Devlog Old Chicago) before 2022 rolls in. I am Smart your resident Director/producer and some of the brains behind Old Chicago. It is an exciting time for us. Especially as we are a nearly formed team of content creators who are all extremely passionate about the world of Destiny both.

Firstly I would like to bring you up to speed! Most of you will already be familiar with our first official tweet and also the first devlog (Developer log) that we put together some time ago. Feel free to familiarise yourself with all progress in a snapshot before we get into the good stuff.


Over several months we have undergone many processes from conception, narrative, storyboarding, composing and a lot more. As you have likely already watched the video above we’ll do our best to keep things short and to the point.

With Old Chicago currently in its pre-production phase, the team is hard at work behind the scenes. The scope is rather ambitious as we are taking one of Destiny fans’ most eagerly anticipated environments and stories of Old Chicago.

And it is paramount that in all efforts we depict this story as close to the story as possible. So today I would like to share some imagery with you I hope will give you some insight into the golden age city.

Alrighty, feast your eyes on the delights.

Old Chicago—Image source: Jack Keen

Here you can see an excellent reimagining of Old Chicago created by Jack Keen.

I remember first seeing Jack’s artwork shared on Twitter and I said to myself this is too good to be true! Someone (Jack) had taken the time to bring to like Bungie’s concept art! It was at that moment I knew I needed to bring the story of Old Chicago to life. Soon after I had my ideas logged and locked down I reached out to Jack and invited him into the project. Little did I know that soon we would have a large team of seven people working to bring these stories to life.

During our recruitment stage, I got to work crafting little pieces of mixed media to give us visual concepts to work this. This postcard piece was inspired by Bungie’s Europa postcard which came with the release of Beyond light.

Our hope here was to capture the essence of this golden age city and give it a 21st century/ cowboy western vibe with one image. If you enjoy mysteries or detective TV shows you might get a kick out of trying to work out what the letters are for. It could be longitude-latitude or it could be scrabbled wordplay. Who’s to say?

Originally we had slated the release of the new trailer for 2021 however as the scope of the project grew we realized it would be a little too ambitious to try and launch a short film under short time constraints.
My number one priority for our team is to make sure that all our team is healthy and doing well.

Swamp Sounds—Video source: Psalm Lab

Here are some really in-depth ambient sounds for you to enjoy from the lush wildlife in Old Chicago. Though short we hope to give you a better idea of what to expect very soon! And we hope you will stick around with us as we continue to bring the golden age environment to full fruition.


Thanks for reading through our first monthly DOC. We will do our best to keep sharing exciting new developments with we have already talked a lot about what you can expect in the main Devlog video itself.

Thank you for joining us on our journey thus far. You can probably expect the next one of these to appear sometime in January either before or after Bungie releases its next DLC.

But until then, remember! You can do all things!

“God speed!”